The transplant was a success
My interaction skills with dr. Tsiring were excellent at all levels. The initial personal consultation of his staff, and at the end of the surgical procedure performed by him and his assistants, were carried out with an impeccable degree of skill and thoroughness. It is impossible to imagine, but they definitely make a one-day procedure quite pleasant thanks to unusual personal attention and give you the command to watch movies on personal demand for two days! The recovery period is DHI hair transplant beautifully explained, which they can well afford to solve various further issues at the end of the ceremony. Today i went through 10-15 sessions with a medical specialist of the cleaning in order to cause the desired work, and i absolutely guarantee that no one can remember, should not visually detect or believe that i had hair transplant! After all, i look a few-not one year younger! It is quite obvious to me for what reasons he is so highly appreciated in this field, and in the absence of any reservations, i strongly recommend and support dr. Tsiring and his exhaustive staff.